event series: [un]learning structures

event series: [un]learning structures


An events series on care-based producing in the performing arts 
curated by: nara virgens, epona hamdan, melmun bajarchuu

about the series

How to implement care as a performing arts producer, production manager or project manager? In these positions we not only overlook and coordinate processes, but often shape modes of communication and decision-making within our work structure. What does care actually mean, when it comes to the daily chores and processes in producing and management? And how can it be put into practice? 

The events in the frame of [un]learning structures tackle questions of  how to produce in a way that is sensitive towards different forms of discriminiation and critical of power structures in the performing arts with a focus on accessibility from an anti-ableist perspective, racism through a structural lense, thinking about how sustainability intersects with these two themes – and how these approaches can be put into practice. 

During 7 sessions and over a period of 6 months, this series of events will assemble voices and experts from Germany and abroad with the aim to provide general knowledge and best practice examples of its implementation in the field through workshops and inputs. 

[un]learning structures offers a space to (un)learn, connect and reflect your own work practice in exchange with others. It seeks to build a sustainable network with a shared pool of knowledge and the opportunity to connect around questions, experiences and more. 

  • Participation is possible during the entire series, or can be limited to individual workshops and inputs, depending on your own needs and schedule. 

  • All workshops and inputs will be offered online.

  • The workshops will be held in German and English. Detailed information will be included in the individual announcements.

  • The participation is free of charge.

  • All Dates will be announced in October.

  • Registration is possible from mid–October.

  • To sign up for a session we would like to know what kind of work experience you bring with you and whether you have particular questions relating to the topic of the respective session. A short informal note in the registration form on the website is sufficient. 

A presentation and a get-together will take place on October 1, 2022, embedded within the regional network meeting of produktionsbande at the festival Politik im Freien Theater in Frankfurt am Main.

The online kick-off of this event series will be on November 11th, 2022.7