With regional and nationwide network meetings, we come together as protagonists in artistic production.

In doing so, we focus on the common exchange on current developments within the independent performing arts on a regional and national level. With these one-day or multi-day or extended events, we can both focus as well as discuss different perspectives and positions regarding current discourses.

With facilitated regional visits, hosts invite visitors from other federal states as experts of their own regions.

The hosts share their knowledge of funding and production structures, artistic practice, cultural-political developments and central protagonists within the region with their visitors. They frame these insights in several days spent together for and with their visitors. For the visitors, this format offers the opportunity to get to know protagonists, structures and working methods in another region.

With a location away from one's own work place and freely configurable time, we offer focussed space for informal and open-minded reflection and research around one's own practice - away from dynamics of everyday work.

Residents bring their individual interests and questions with them. They are invited to slow down, exchange, meet and discuss with other colleagues on site over a period of ten days. The format is addressed to all those whose work is located in the broadest sense at the interfaces between art practice and structures, between organization and administration.

With offers for knowledge transfer and exchange on important topics, we respond to relevant and current needs of protagonists in artistic production in the independent performing arts.

In online workshops, we invite experts to share their knowledge and experience and thus bring artistic producers into conversation with each other as well as other experts from different disciplines. The workshops are organized in the series skills & exchange.

With our regular onboardings, we invite all interested individuals to get to know produktionsbande and participate in our network.

In these monthly zoom sessions, we provide insights into our decentrally organized network. We will present ways how interested production managers and producers can become part of produktionsbande - e. g. as a member of our association and/or as active members wanting to participate in shaping our program and our collective ways of working.

With mentoring formats we support exchange, knowledge transfer, reflection on one's own practice as well as training and further education among colleagues.

In mutual mentoring, two colleagues with different experiences spend a few hours together with a focus on personal exchange. This is framed by a joint kick-off, informal meetings during the course and a joint final meeting as part of the large network meeting.

So the mentoring is a programme that connects experienced producers and offices with newcomers for the exchange of expertise and working time and offers both sides suitable impulses.

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