Do you see yourself as a protagonist of artistic production in the independent performing arts? Then you can become a member of our association as an individual or with your organization at any time. We do not distinguish between active or passive, regular or institutional members. Everyone is an equal member of the association.

In addition to participating in the members’ assembly, you are also welcome to get involved in our open working groups. These working groups are organized online via the tool Slack. If you are a member and would like to get access to our Slack channel and an overview of the working groups: Simply mail to us via our contact form or visit one of our online onboarding sessions.

In our association statutes, we define the purpose to which we are committed and the projects with which we pursue this purpose. We also describe in detail how the association's activities are structured and which bodies are part of it. The board of the association currently consists of three persons: béla bisom, theresa heußen and aliki schäfer.

You can see our current statutes here (in German).

As part of our association you have a voice within our general association meetings and assemblies. In this way, you support our association ideally and help shape it internally. How far you want to get involved beyond that, e.g. in our working groups, is up to you.

At the general meeting of 19.06.2023 we decided to set a graduated annual membership fee from 2023 on: Depending on the type of membership, a base amount will be set with a possible reduction of 50%, as a solidarity offer.

The base amounts, according to membership type, are set as follows:

  • for individual entrepreneurs: 50.00 €

  • for offices (associations, GbRs, GmbH): 100.00 €

  • for institutions: 200.00 €

your membership application

The network activities are accompanied by three coordinators. We deliberately do not see the coordination team as a management body, but rather as an overview and communication body within and outside the network.

sofie luckhardt

sofie is coordinator with a focus on formats. She is also a creative producer, production dramaturg and supporter for dance and independent performing arts. Since 2018 she has been part of the performance group THE AGENCY. Since 2020 she is working closely with survivor, supporter and choreographer caner teker

photo of Sofie Luckhardt (produktionsbande, coordinator formats)
© Flavio Karrer

sasha schlegel

sasha is coordinator with a focus on finance & administration. They are also a producer for performing arts and dance. Since 2021 sasha is part of tools for friction, an open collaboration of freelance producers and dramaturges in Berlin.

martin bien

martin is a coordinator with a focus on communication. He lives in Frankfurt am Main and, in addition to produktionsbande, is a freelance producer for contemporary performances and copywriter for artists and networks.

photo of Martin Bien (produktionsbande, coordinator communication)
on the right; © Marlene Denningmann