Within produktionsbande, we jointly organize ourselves in working groups. These working groups are dedicated to selected topics, formats and activities in the field of artistic production within the independent performing arts.

All working groups communicate within the online platform Slack. In order to provide insight into which working groups currently exist and how our Slack platform is structured, we offer regular onboardings via Zoom. Following the onboarding, we provide all interested parties with information on access to produktionsbande Slack, our shared online cloud and the billing of workloads.

We offer the following form for obtaining this information - after visiting the onboarding. If you have any specific questions about this, you can contact our administration working group by email at any time, regardless of this form.

join our working groups

We use the following form to request the relevant data from anyone who would like to actively participate in the produktionsbande network. By completing this form, you can obtain access to our Slack work platform and our online cloud. In addition, you provide all essential master data with your contact and address details so that we can conclude a fee contract for expenses in the context of produktionsbande work.

Before joining via the following form, we ask you to first visit the onboarding, as it will make understanding and dealing with the ongoing networking structures and processes a lot easier for you.

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In our association statutes, we define the purpose to which we are committed and the projects with which we pursue this purpose. We also describe in detail how the association's activities are structured and which bodies are part of it. The board of the association currently consists of three persons: béla bisom, theresa heußen and aliki schäfer.

You can see our current statutes here (in German).

As part of our association you have a voice within our general association meetings and assemblies. In this way, you support our association ideally and help shape it internally. How far you want to get involved beyond that, e.g. in our working groups, is up to you.

Application process
The association wants to make visible and support the profession of production managers in the independent performing arts in Germany. For membership in the association, we therefore pay attention to the question, whether applicants produce exclusively their own artistic projects - but work primarily as artists, curators, directors, etc. - or whether they work as production managers with and for third parties. Due to the association's orientation and funding structures, it is also advantageous to have a connection to Germany. This can mean Representation of German artists/groups/organisers, own place of residence or work in Germany, or other.

You can send your membership application using the form below.

Applications will be reviewed and confirmed on a quarterly basis. Please do not be surprised if it takes a while until you receive a confirmation or rejection. We will be in touch.

Membership fees
At the general meeting of 19.06.2023 we decided to set a graduated annual membership fee from 2023 on: Depending on the type of membership, a base amount will be set with a possible reduction of 50%, as a solidarity offer.
Membership fees are used for running costs that cannot be covered by funding. The association does not make a profit with it.

The base amounts, according to membership type, are set as follows:

  • for individual entrepreneurs: 50.00 € per year

  • for offices (independent legal associations, civil law association (GbR), Ltd. (GmbH)): 100.00 € per year

  • for institutions: 200.00 € per year

When you apply, you indicate which membership type best suits your status and you can decide for yourself whether you need the 50% solidarity reduction. If your status and/or reduction needs change during the course of your membership, an adjustment is possible at a later date.

produktionsbande currently has the status of a small business. The membership fees mentioned are shown without value added tax (VAT). To pay the membership fees, we send the invoice once a year via e-mail.

We are very happy, if with your membership, you decide to support the joint project of produktionsbande - a network of and for production managers - in the long term.
Thank you for your application.

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Which language/ languages can we use to contact you?

The network activities are accompanied by three coordinators. We deliberately do not see the coordination team as a management body, but rather as an overview and communication body within and outside the network.

sofie luckhardt

sofie is the contact person for the formats focus. She is also a creative producer, production dramaturg and supporter for dance and independent performing arts. Since 2018 she has been part of the performance group THE AGENCY. Since 2020 she is working closely with survivor, supporter and choreographer caner teker

photo of Sofie Luckhardt (produktionsbande, coordinator formats)
© Flavio Karrer

sasha schlegel

sasha is the contact person for the finance & administration focus. They are also a producer for performing arts and dance. Since 2021 sasha is part of tools for friction, an open collaboration of freelance producers and dramaturges in Berlin.

martin bien

martin is the contact person for the communication focus. He lives in Frankfurt am Main and, in addition to produktionsbande, is a freelance producer for contemporary performances and copywriter for artists and networks.

© Dorothea Tuch