• workshop series: excells


    After several editions of the excel is not a landscape workshop, we have heard your requests for more Excel exchange and can finally fulfil them. We have developed a three-part online event series excells for anyone who wants to learn more about and with Excel. read more

  • companionship programme


    With our open call, we are looking for ten participants who see themselves as producers in the independent performing arts in Germany and would like to develop or expand their own work practice transnationally in the company of a companion. The companionship programme takes place in English. It is organised, designed and hosted by kreativ-transfer, a project of dachverband tanz deutschland and produktionsbande. read more

  • wanted: previous applications before the artist social fund (KSK)


    For further working on our paper arguing for access to the artist social fund for producers, we are looking for people who have submitted applications to the KSK as producers in the independent performing arts (in the broadest sense). For our paper, it is not decisive whether the applications were rejected or approved. Every single application submitted, including feedback from the KSK, helps us to finalize our argumentation paper. read more