• new article: Epona & Kaja discuss about the social security realities of producers in the independent performing arts


    For the new systemcheck topic dossier "Where is the difference?", a total of six professional perspectives come together to provide insights into the work structures and realities of those working in the independent performing arts. Among these six perspectives is the complex job description of production managers/producers. For the article on the reality of social security for this professional group, epona and kaja met online. Both work closely together within the network produktionsbande, but have never met in person. read more

  • produktionsbande's first residency edition starts


    From June 21 to 28, 2023, a total of eleven producers will come together to address their individual questions about production aesthetics. Accompanied by facilitators from the produktionsbande circle, we will bring together the individual questions of the participating producers for eight days in Schochwitz Castle in Saxony-Anhalt and thus create space for dealing with them - far away from the production pressure that not only artists but also producers experience every day.

  • the weaving continues


    The decentralized and nationwide network produktionsbande - an association of and for producers and production managers in the independent performing arts - has been awarded follow-up funding up to and including 2025 as part of the Verbindungen fördern program. (press release in German)