Melmun Bajarchuu

melmun bajarchuu


Melmun Bajarchuu works at the intersections of art, theory and politics as a thinker and discourse partner, and takes on a variety of roles within collaborative artistic processes, such as critical companion, curator and production manager. She is driven by a desire for a variety of artistic forms of expression as well as to question existing structures and their accompanying power relationships and mechanisms for exclusion. She has a special interest in the interweaving of theories and practices within the context of poststructuralist, post- and decolonial as well as queer feminist perspectives. She is actively involved in the “Initiative für Solidarität am Theater” (Initiative for Solidarity in Theater) and “produktionsbande – network performing arts producers” for intersectional approaches and better working conditions in the performing arts. Since 2020, she has been working as a peer-to-peer consultant in the field of anti-discrimination at the Performing Arts Program Berlin (PAP).

Foto Melmun Bajarchuu
© Saša Martinović