big network meeting 2023

big network meeting 2023

Fri 17.11.23, 00:00 -
Sun 19.11.23, 00:00
villa wigman

bautzner strasse 107
01099 dresden

earliest possible arrival: 16.11.2023
start: 17.11.2023, 15:00 (CEST)
end: 19.11.2023, 15:00 (CEST)

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for the third time in a row:
warm invitation to join!

The big network meeting is the heart of produktionsbande's program. With this annual format, we want to meet the often soloistic work reality and invite to collegial exchange at eye level, education and joint networking.

In 2021, we hosted our first big network meeting in hamburg with a total of over 40 producers and production managers. This was followed by the 2022 network meeting in munich with over 70 artistic production colleagues. This year we are inviting a total of 100 producers to Dresden from 17.11. to 19.11.2023 in the villa wigman.

Our network meeting does not see itself as a place for self-promotion, but rather as a warm, open and inviting space for getting to know each other on an equal footing and for further education, but without the pressure of proving yourself before other colleagues.

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The big network meeting is aimed at protagonists in artistic production within the independent performing arts. We understand the field of artistic production in the broadest sense and see it as a collection of numerous and also interconnected focal points and activity profiles (including e. g. administrators, coordinators, production dramaturges, production managers, producers, company managers, managers, controllers, strategists, distributors, consultants, critical companions, etc.).

We understand protagonists of artistic production in the independent performing arts as those who reflect on existing production processes and want to shape them anew or further. Against this background, we see the protagonists primarily as those who accompany production processes of artists and collectives, but do not primarily produce their own artistic practice.

The program will start on 17.11.2023 from 15 o'clock (CEST) and end on 19.11.2023 at 15 o'clock (CEST).

The program overview is easily accessible online.

The big network meeting will be held primarily in German spoken language. In the form below we also ask for spoken languages (German, English, others). This request is further accompanied by another comment field, where you can specify additional languages or further information (for example: "I understand German spoken language, but I prefer to speak in another language myself").

In this way, we can collect information about which spoken languages are needed and whether we can fulfill existing translation needs (e. g., whispered translation) for example within the group of participants. So feel also free to indicate any languages you could/would like to support in the comment field in the language section in the below mentioned registration form.

We offer onboarding sessions for anyone interested in getting to know the work and the program of the produktionsbande network better. The onboarding sessions also provide the interface for accessing our online work platform Slack, where we organize our networking work in different, thematically focused working groups. Participation in an onboarding session is not a mandatory for attending the big network meeting.

Around the big network meeting 2023, we will offer a total of three onboarding sessions for interested parties:

before the big network meeting
For those who would like to have an insight into our network work and organization before the big network meeting, you can register for the session on 08.11.2023, 10:30 - 12:00.

during the big network meeting
An onboarding session will also be part of the program at the big network meeting on site in Dresden. Again, at the beginning of the network meeting, we will provide an overview of the direction, objectives and program points of our network work and organization.

after the big network meeting
All those who would like to clarify detailed questions in a protected, downstream session after the large network meeting are cordially invited to the onboarding in December, on 06.12.2023, 10:30 - 12:00.

produktionsbande offers the following cost coverage:

  • travel costs for the outward and return journey up to a total value of max. 100.00 EUR (with submission of the corresponding original receipts)

  • accommodation costs at Hotel Super 8 (Antonstrasse 43, 01097 Dresden) with earliest possible arrival on 16.11.2023 and latest departure on 19.11.2023

  • allowance of 150.00 EUR net for the participation in the big network meeting

In the form below you can indicate whether you would like to take advantage of produktionsbande's reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs or whether you can settle the costs in full or in part via other projects or other sponsors.

The big network meeting is an evolving format whose process we are currently developing and practicing. In the process, we are trying to be aware of and respond to barriers to reduce them as much as possible. We will continue to update and expand the information as we plan. For detailed accessibility information, click here.

If you have any questions in advance about the accessibility of the big netzwerktreffen or would like to share your access rider, feel free to contact Sofie, via email at

If you have any questions about our big network meeting or if you wish to be put on our waiting list, please feel free to contact us via email. Please use the address with the subject "big network meeting".

villa wigman
bautzner strasse 107
01099 dresden

inner-city public transport stops (tram, bus): dresden nordstraße, diakonissenkrankenhaus

more info about villa wigman

As soon as you have filled in and sent the form below, you will receive a message to the e-mail address you provided, confirming receipt of your registration and summarizing all the information you provided.

Parallel to the confirmation to you, we will also receive information that you have registered. For further communication regarding your registration and feedback on your comments, notes and needs indicated in the form, the working group will contact you individually by e-mail at the earliest from 15.07.2023, at the latest after the end of the registration period.

You will have the opportunity to upload your prepared travel expense report documents for printing on site at the admin gala, which will take place at the big network meeting on Sunday, 19.11.2023, 14:00 - 15:00.

Your travel expense report (with a total gross value of up to EUR 100.00) consists of the following materials:
- your completed travel expense report form
- your original receipts (train tickets or similar)

You can download and fill out the travel expense reimbursement form here, which we have already sent you in advance by e-mail.

Before uploading to our cloud, please note the following:

- Please output all files as PDFs.

- Please merge all files into one PDF if possible (this tool is helpful for this, for example)
- Please name the files according to the following pattern:


You can send the file(s) to our cloud here. We will then print out all the files that are stored in the cloud at the admin gala and give them to you to check and sign.