excel is a life (or at least a style)

excel is a life (or at least a style)

Tue 17.09.24
11:00 – 14:00
online via zoom

language: german spoken language, questions and comments in english are welcome

Places still available: 18

about the workshop

After the Excel workshop for beginners (excel is not a landscape) and the issue for advanced users (excel is not a solution), in the last issue of the new workshop series excells the producer martin bien invites all nerds to join in Excel brainstorming and problem solving.

What problems with Excel are you still facing? Which challenges are you still unable to solve and would like to get advice from Excel-loving colleagues?

The joint working session excel is a life (or at least a style) is more of an exchange platform for Excel nerds than a well-paced workshop. In this open format, we share individual problems and challenges that still concern us despite our knowledge of Excel. All participants are available to help each other in a mutual exchange.

The prerequisite for participation is therefore to bring your own issue or problem in working with Excel in the context of production work in the independent performing arts and to present it in an open exchange format. We are looking for more complex issues that can be solved primarily in dialogue with colleagues from your own field of work.


The workshop is aimed at producers in the independent performing arts who see themselves as advanced or experts in working with Excel and would like to share their problems and expertise with other Excel nerds in an open exchange format in order to work together on solutions.

The workshop structure is deliberately kept open in order to give space to the individual problems of the participants and to discuss possible solutions together.

Four sections are proposed for the joint Excel exchange time:

1) check-in: all participants briefly introduce themselves to each other and describe an individual issue with Excel that they would like to share with the support of interested colleagues.

2) smaller working groups: The participants divide into small groups and work together on the facts presented.

[Break of approx. 15 minutes]

3) presentation in big group: The participants present the jointly developed solutions for the issues in the large group and are available for questions and feedback from their colleagues.

4) conclusion & feedback: In the final part, we clarify any unanswered questions. Participants can also give feedback on the open exchange format.

This event is part of the three-part workshop series excells with the following dates:

This workshop has a limited number of participants. If the event is already fully booked on our website, please contact us via our contact form. We will then keep a waiting list and contact you if there are any vacancies.

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