excel is not a landscape (no forest, no trees, only tables)

excel is not a landscape (no forest, no trees, only tables)

Thu 02.05.24
11:00 – 15:00
online via zoom

language: german spoken language, questions and comments in english are welcome

Places still available: 21

about the workshop

On the one hand, Excel is a simple spreadsheet programme, but on the other hand, it can also be quite intimidating for beginners. For everyday production, however, a look at the budget is unavoidable and is usually directly linked to opening Excel.

In the four-hour, practice-orientated workshop, martin bien invites all participants to work together on the following question: How can my administration system (e. g. document entry, budget monitoring, usage) respond to as many needs and mapping requirements as possible? All participants work together in and with a template and develop it further according to individual needs.

For the development of one's individual administration system, Martin will show in the workshop, for example, how a simple document assignment can be turned into cost centre accounting and budget monitoring in just a few steps within Excel. The functions used in Excel in this workshop are: SUMIF/S, IF/S, VLOOKUP and their combination.


The workshop is aimed at producers in the independent performing arts who are new to working with Excel and would like to familiarise themselves with the Excel functions mentioned above.

1) check-in: All participants briefly introduce themselves, share their previous experiences and problems with Excel and formulate their individual wishes for Excel and the workshop.

2) presentation: In a short impulse, Martin compares the practical admin work with the guidelines, specifications and laws. Based on this comparison, Martin formulates administration work as translation work. Finally, he provides insights into how he built his personal administration system based on specific questions.

[Break of approx. 10 minutes]

3) group work: Martin presents his Excel template with a budget example for an individual production in the independent performing arts. He will provide a Google spreadsheet for this in the workshop in which all participants can work simultaneously. Together, we will use the SUMIF formula to link the document entry with the cost and financing plan in order to achieve budget monitoring. Martin also introduces the VLOOKUP function, which he uses in his administrative work for self-monitoring to check whether recorded invoices have been assigned to the corresponding cost account.

[Break of approx. 30 minutes]

4) smaller group work: In break-out rooms, participants can continue working on the template provided in small groups of e. g. two people each. In the smaller group work, the participants have time to develop and convert the template into their own. Martin provides all participants with the template as a file for each individual.

5) conclusion & feedback: In the last part of the workshop, all participants come together again in the big group to clarify any remaining questions and share feedback on the workshop.

This event is part of the three-part workshop series excells with the following dates:

  • excel is not a landscape | thu, 02.05.2024, 11 - 15 | addressees: beginners

  • excel is not a solution | thu, 13.06.2024, 11 - 15 | addressees: advanced

  • excel is a life | tue, 17.09.2024, 11 - 14 | addresses: nerds

This workshop has a limited number of participants. If the event is already fully booked on our website, please contact us via our contact form. We will then keep a waiting list and contact you if there are any vacancies.

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