produktionsbande's first residency edition starts

produktionsbande's first residency edition starts


Artist residencies are a well-known and established instrument for both funding and hosting institutions, e. g. to enable artistic research on or off site. The freedom gained - apart from the production pressure of the rehearsal process - is pivotal to pursuing new artistic impulses and aesthetics, but also to asking oneself questions about one's own artistic practice.

It is therefore all the more surprising that, especially when it comes to the question of artistic practice, which inevitably also touches on questions of production methods, structures and strategies - in short: production aesthetics - protagonists in artistic production have so far not been included in calls for proposals and funding offers, but have for the most part been explicitly excluded from them.

In 2022, the Swiss dance network reso offered its first Performing Arts Managers Factory (pam factory for short). In 2023, we are catching up with this for Germany: We are closing a key gap in addressing a long-standing funding offer and opening it up to producers of the independent performing arts.

From June 21 to June 28, 2023, a total of eleven producers will come together to address their individual questions about production aesthetics. Accompanied by facilitators from the produktionsbande circle, we will bring together the individual questions of the participating producers for eight days in Schochwitz Castle in Saxony-Anhalt and thus create space for dealing with them - away from the production pressure that not only artists but also producers experience every day.

We are looking forward to spending time together at our first produktionsbande residency, apart from check or to-do lists and far away from theater or production houses that are close by.