companionship programme

companionship programme


In the digital companionship programme, one companion with transnational expertise supports one participant in the development and expansion of their own transnational working practice as a producer in the independent performing arts. The ten companionship duos will each spend six individual companionship sessions independently and self-organised in the digital space with a focus on personal exchange of experience and knowledge on transnational contexts and relationships. We will accompany the six individual sessions in the respective duo constellations with digital supporting events: a common kick-off and closing meeting, informal meetings between the companions and participants, a moderated reflection session and three public inputs on selected topics of the programme.

the open call for the companionship programme: transnational contexts & relations: here


Producing in a transnational context has so far played a secondary role in the German funding landscape, which is reflected in the little developed or even non-existent mobility and touring funding for some sectors. This situation has been intensified by the effects of the covid pandemic. At the same time, dealing with the consequences of the pandemic and the challenges of the climate crisis opens up different opportunities to think and shape transnational and international relationships in the independent performing arts.

Producers and those working in creative production often generously share their knowledge among each other and with many other protagonists and groups in the scene. They create connections and become allies. However, they are rarely supported in this. The companionship programme is addressing this practice and the questions associated with it.

What standards do I set myself for ecologically and socially sustainable transnational producing? How can I (further) develop my distribution work in a way that is aware of the contexts at hand? How can I improve the hosting experience for transnationally touring groups and artists at a residency venue, production house or festival?

Transnational production in the independent performing arts in particular raises interrelated questions about practices of inviting and distributing, curating and organising. At the same time, it also calls for a practised welcoming culture, open participation and shared encounters. For production managers, producers, distributors and venue hosts, transnationality can thus manifest itself both as a practice of dissemination and as a practice of hospitality.

Transnational producing therefore not only or necessarily includes working outside one's own national borders, but also means engaging in complex and (self-)critical reflections on welcome- and working practices in the immediate environment.

open call & programme

For our companionship programme: transnational contexts & relations, we are looking for ten participants who see themselves as producers in the independent performing arts in Germany and would like to develop or expand their own work practice transnationally in the support of a companion. The companionship programme will be held in English.

The companionship programme takes place digitally. It starts on 12.09.2024 and ends on 30.04.2025. Within this period, a total of six individual digital sessions will take place per duo, as well as the other digital supporting events described above.

Our companionship programme addresses independent creative producers, production managers, managers, colleagues of independent production offices and (non-commercial) agencies, agents and distributors in the independent performing arts. The participants must have their tax residence in Germany. The open call is not aimed at self-producing artists.

Applications can be submitted online using the online form provided until 05.05.2024, 23:45.

the application form for the open call companionship programme: transnational contexts & relations: here


The companionship programme: transnational contexts & relations is conceived, organised and hosted by Kreativ-Transfer, a project of Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and produktionsbande.

kreativ-transfer is a programme of the german dance association (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) and supports the international networking and visibility of companies, artists and creatives in the performing arts, visual arts and games.

dachverband tanz deutschland was founded in 2004 as the Standing Conference (Ständige Konferenz Tanz) on Dance and has been working as a nationwide platform for artistic dance in Germany since 2006.

produktionsbande is a network of and for producers of the independent performing arts in Germany, which strengthens the field of activity of those involved in artistic production with its knowledge exchange and networking opportunities.

to the press release of kreativ-transfer: here (in German)