update the minimum fee

update the minimum fee


In the context of its delegates' meeting, the Federal Association of the Performing Arts (Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste, BFDK) has published an updated lower fee limit for freelance protagonists within the field.

In the context of the discussion about this limit, producers and production managers have for years emphasized to affected as well as responsible actors in the field: It is a lower fee limit - applicable e.g. for young professionals - whose purpose is to exceed it.

updated low fee limit (net fee) for non-KSK insured people
month: 3,600 EUR
week: 830 EUR
day: 165 EUR
performance (10% of monthly fee): 360 EUR

updated low fee limit (net fee) for KSK insured people
month: 3.100 EUR
week: 715 EUR
day: 140 EUR
performance (10% of monthly fee): 310 EUR

This updated lower limit brings orientation on a federal state level. However, this also results in, among other things, the task specific to the states and municipalities and, at the same time, the question of whether and to what extent the corresponding funding models and budgets can be adequately adapted and the juries and review panels sensitized to this update. In these questions and tasks, the state associations and their expertise will be central actors for their regions and municipalities. Particularly in view of upcoming steps backwards in funding developments from the second half of 2023 - e.g. for the Performing Arts Fund at the federal level - the increase in the lower fee limit will remain an important debate.press release bfdk: updated lower fee limit press release fonds dakü: budget cut to prepandemic leveln.

press release bfdk: updated low fee limit
press release fonds dakü: funding cuts back to prepandemic budget