the so-called eye level – power-critical collaboration on the slippery slopes of joint (project) work

the so-called eye level – power-critical collaboration on the slippery slopes of joint (project) work

Thu 19.09.24
10:00 – 15:00
online via zoom

in German spoken language

Places still available: 14

about the workshop

When working together, there are hierarchies, whether we like it or not. Sometimes it has to do with individual ways of working, sometimes it is due to the responsibilities of tasks, or both. Hierarchies are not bad in themselves, unless they are denied, or they are not comprehensible. In any case, they require common, transparent agreements. In this workshop we would like to find out with the participants how hierarchies and unresolved power relations can be detected and addressed in the context of cooperation and which tools are needed for this. We will be guided by the Living Agreement practices proposed by the group “Unsettling Dramaturgy” and relate it to the realities of the participants.

Furthermore, we would like to practice with you how cooperation can work with different lived realities, different social positionings and perspectives. How can community(ies) be thought outside of commonalities and how can differences be endured or valued? What can be pragmatic connections that enable capacity for action?

barrier reduction

There will be breaks.
There will be breakout room sessions.
Interaction: Participants will contribute their own experiences and share them with each other.
Due to the topic, it is desirable that participants have their camera on.


The INITIATIVE FOR SOLIDARITY IN THEATRE (ISaT) was founded in 2017 to counter ongoing inequality and discrimination in the theater sector.

The decentralized network researches power-critical and more sustainable forms of organization and collaboration and is currently working on "soft transformations" to unlearn patriarchal and neoliberal patterns.


The workshop is addressed to all those involved in artistic production.

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This workshop has a limited number of participants. If the event is already fully booked on our website, please contact martin, who will keep a waiting list and contact you if there are any vacancies.

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