cases & faces: collegial case counselling

cases & faces: collegial case counselling

Tue 18.06.24
17:00 – 19:00
online via zoom

in german spoken language

Places still available: 30

about the workshop

cases & faces offers a space for producers from different fields to share challenges from our everyday work and to jointly deal with specific cases and situations from our own work context.

It is based on the thought that we can draw on shared knowledge and create a connecting, collegial and open space with different perspectives, which in the best case also enables new perceptions of our own situation.

Following a common check-in and an introduction to a method of collegial case counselling, we will engage with the individual cases in small groups.

The break-out sessions then follow a structure in which several cases are discussed by one moderator, one case-giver and several counsellors. The allocation of roles can be agreed on individually in each round.

Accordingly, all participants are invited to share their own concerns, give feedback, listen, think together and thus support each other.

barrier reduction

There will be both longer and shorter breaks depending on the needs of the group. In addition to a short check-in at the beginning and a feedback round at the end, we offer breakout room sessions for up to six people. Our format proposes a low-threshold and trusting exchange in which interaction is encouraged, but each person can decide individually how much they want to share. The use of the camera is optional, but is recommended for a more personal exchange.


In this exchange format, there are no speakers in the classic sense, but rather people who provide cases and advice. Active members of the produktionsbande working group moderate the common space.


The format is aimed at producers with different levels of experience and from different contexts who would like to share concrete cases from their everyday work or share their knowledge in an advising role.

waiting list

This workshop has a limited number of participants. If the event is already fully booked via our website, please contact martin via e-mail. We will then keep a waiting list and contact you if places become available.

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