empowerment | mutual support session — Schwarze und Produzent*innen of Color

empowerment | mutual support session — Schwarze und Produzent*innen of Color

Mon 29.01.24 | 11:00 - 13:00 (CET)
11:00 – 13:00
online via zoom

in German spoken language
contributions and questions in English are welcome!

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about the workshop

Producers often enable and hold spaces for other parties and their processes. As interfaces that often work alone, they mediate between all artistic and administrative, creative-organizational and creative-technical participants. But what about their own needs and experiences?
Through various mutual support sessions with Michelle Bray, produktionsbande offers a safer space for exchange that centers producers with experiences of Black, Afro-German and producers of Color and their perspectives. Michelle is Black German and has been working in German-speaking theater since 2006.
The session will focus on the following topics: What does it mean to be a Black, Afro-German or producer and person of Color - and in many contexts the only one in the room? What are the experiences of your colleagues? What strategies and tools have you developed? What about anti-racist work in your work contexts? What wishes do you have for your working practice? How should it change if necessary? How do Black and PoC producers navigate this role and the demands and addresses given to them? What can mutual support look like? What needs and wishes are there for this exchange and such spaces?

michelle bray

Michelle Bray was born the year "Farbe bekennen: Afro-German Women Tracing Their History" was first published, she was born in a small town in West Germany as a Black girl with roots in Germany, Greece, and North America. Questions of belonging and inclusion, as well as an intense preoccupation with the issue of racism, thus played a role in her life from an early age.
Since 2021, Michelle Bray has been working as a freelance diversity developer, bringing experience from the different fields she has worked in to this work through an interdisciplinary approach. Diversity development is more than "just a job" to her - it brings together everything she is interested in and passionate about. It is a pivotal concern, as she cares deeply about both the issues and the people she works with.

The session is designed as a relaxed session: 
You can participate sitting or lying down, moving around during the workshop or using your stim toys - all forms of participation are welcome! Please take care of yourself, bring your favorite comfy clothes, favorite drinks, snacks and anything else that will make participation comfortable for you. There is no need to keep your camera turned on!

Black, Afro-German, Indigenous, racialized producers / production managers / managers / distributors / creative producers. People who identify as PoC (people of color).