skills & discourse #7: production as aesthetic practice

skills & discourse #7: production as aesthetic practice

Wed 10.08.22 | 11:00 - 13:30
online via zoom

The workshop will be held in German spoken language. Questions and comments in English are welcome.

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producing aesthetics
production as aesthetic practice

Art does not take place in a vacuum, but always in an institutional environment. This is clearly evident in the position of the production manager, who coordinates this environment in the independent performing arts and in some cases develops it in a project-specific way. But how does this interplay between artistic and organizational work take shape in different contexts?

How does production management in contemporary dance differ from performance, theater, or circus? How in touring projects from locally anchored ones? The workshop provides space for exchange, begins to systematize the demands that arise from specific aesthetic approaches to production management, and begins to outline its own scope for design and action and to formulate specific demands: What does it mean to conceive of production as an aesthetic practice?

This workshop is the second of three online events offered by the Arbeitsgruppe für institutionsästhetische Forschung und Praxis (Buchberger/Kohn/Reiniger) that deal with the location and description of organizational processes in the broadest sense and the actors* involved in them in the field of artistic production. The individual workshops can be attended independently of each other.

working group for institutional aesthetics research and practice

The Arbeitsgruppe für institutionsästhetische Forschung und Praxis (working group for institutional aesthetic research and practice) is an association of cultural workers. It serves as a forum for discursive reflection on cultural work and its current conditions. Our research takes place equally in practice and theory, without insisting on a sharp dividing line.

The basis of our joint work is the shared interest in understanding institutions and framing structures of the cultural sector aesthetically and using them to explore art and culture in interaction with reality. We consider any work on culture, art or theater as an aesthetic practice. The term "institution" should therefore not only refer to fixed companies and structures, but to all associations that structure a common work - in the cultural business and beyond.

Together we develop theatrical methods, publish, give workshops and lead exchange formats. Our concern is to develop a common vocabulary that enables and advances the awareness and reflection of the complex connections between aesthetics and institution, between (cultural) work and reality.

The Arbeitsgruppe für institutionsästhetische Forschung und Praxis consists of Julia Buchberger, Patrick Kohn and Max Reiniger.

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