obituary for christine elbel

obituary for christine elbel


It was with great shock that we read of the sudden death of our colleague, Christine (Tine) Elbel. 

Tine supported our network from the very beginning, in the application process, the founding of our association and the network meetings. She was a key voice in the founding of produktionsbande. 

Tine was already a spokesperson for our professional field before produktionsbande existed: As an active producer for many years and a colleague with cultural and political connections in Berlin, she tirelessly campaigned for the interests and conditions of the independent performing arts. We will keep her powerful directness, which always went hand in hand with great warmth and kindness, in vivid memory. 

With Tine's death, we have lost an important voice, an interested perspective and a committed colleague from the very beginning of our network. 

We thank Tine for her time, her commitment and her voice at, for and with produktionsbande. We will miss her.