Let’s get color- and playful!

Let’s get color- and playful!


Already during the naming of our network - produktionsbande - the idea came up to give a visual expression to our different ways of finding solutions, which we as production managers, producers and creative producers find in the artistic projects.

For this purpose, we developed a first logo approach that formalized an analogy between different solution paths and textile fabric structures. This first logo approach followed a strict formalism of straight, intersecting lines.

The spatial and graphic design duo JASCHA&FRANZ break up this strict formalism on several levels. Their central approach to the redesign of the website, with which they also implemented a retouch of the logo and thus the visual identity of produktionsbande: Finding creative solutions does not only take place on straight lines and certainly not only in black and white spaces.

From straight lines and routes as central elements of produktionsbande's previous visual identity, they form frames with rounded corners. From the previous black and white contrast, they derive a bichrome color concept. And finally, they respond graphically to what was both the driver in finding the name and the core of the earlier logo approach: from textile fabric structures, they elevate the tangle to the accompanying key visual of produktionsbande.

Together with the interaction and interface designer, Santiago Duque (Squareclouds Design), they translate these visual approaches into a clearly structured and now also visually playful web presence: With a color wheel, the users themselves can decide which bichrome color combination is best for them. And even for those who still find black and white the clearest: With the contrast function, users can switch off the color combinations and decide between dark and light mode.

Functionally, too, the site is now completely digital: membership, event registration, newsletter subscription and contacting are all possible via the responsive website - from desktop PC, laptop and tablet to smartphone.

The layout and the built-in functions were designed with barrier reduction criteria in mind. In addition, content in German sign language and Easy Language is already being developed and will be published in the coming weeks.

Logo produktionsbande (red, blue)
Logo produktionsbande (blue, pink)
Logo produktionsbande (blue, green)
Logo produktionsbande (yellow, violet)