Susanne Berthold

susanne berthold

Düsseldorf/North-Rhine Westphalia

After studying theater, film and media studies at the University of Vienna, Susanne Berthold increasingly gained links to the field of production as an interface between artistic and administrative implementation through various assistant directorships. After some insights into the technical supervision of productions, she has focused completely on the field of production since 2016.

Her work focuses on Düsseldorf and NRW, currently she works in the field of production, administration and management with, among others, the performance duo HARTMANNMUELLER (Düsseldorf, since 2021 in the Spitzenförderung Tanz des Landes NRW) and Takao Baba (Düsseldorf), who works as a choreographer mainly at the interface between urban and contemporary dance. She also accompanies the festivals FAVORITEN (Dortmund), URBÄNG! (Cologne) as production manager and at the Impulse Festival (NRW) the academy affiliated to the festival.

Foto Theresa Heußen
© Dennis Yenmez