value added tax in the international context: theory & practice

value added tax in the international context: theory & practice

Tue 24.10.23 | 10:00 - 14:00 (CET)
online via zoom

in German spoken language
contributions/questions in English are welcome!

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about the workshop

This issue of our workshop series skills & discourse is dedicated to the topic of VAT in an international context. After a theory focus with a practice glimpse by Felix Sodemann (touring artists), we also take a closer look at the implementation in our production practice together with Felix and Harriet Lesch.

About the theory:
VAT regulations for cultural workers in the performing arts are already difficult to understand on a national level. It gets even more complicated when we are confronted with invoicing for international productions. After a short recap on the general meaning of VAT, we will address the following questions: How does value added tax work in an international context? What is the reverse charge procedure? What is B2B and what is B2C? Are there any exemptions? What do I have to pay attention to when paying the tax? What has to be considered with regard to funding?

On the practical side:
How does it work in practice? How do I find out if I have a foreign sales tax case? How do we plan and calculate sales tax in projects - in terms of time and budget? What do the documents look like? What are cross-regional differences in paying these taxes? How important is professional tax advice? Which tax office do you actually talk to? For this purpose, we are already collecting case studies on the basis of which we want to deal with such practical questions.

A quick note: The focus of this W&A issue is on VAT in international contexts. There is no in-depth discussion of withholding tax (income tax) in an international context here. The connection with VAT is only briefly explained.

your questions:
Please send us your good questions, open cases or well solved examples specific to VAT in an international context until 15.10.2023 23:00 via the registration form below or by mail to

felix sodemann

coordinates the projects touring artists and the Federal Theater Award for the International Theater Institute. Raised in the Rhineland, he landed in Berlin after living in Tübingen and Turkey and studying German and literature. In addition to his work at the ITI, he is active as a freelance theater, film and translator.

harriet lesch

Harriet Lesch has been working as a cultural manager in various functions and areas since 1990. In 1998 she started working for the DepArtment office, which produced and managed numerous artists and performing arts projects. She has worked in the areas of organization, project management and communication for a wide variety of festivals and congresses. She is co-founder of WILSON*BORLES arts management (2013 to 2021 framework contract agency of the German Federal Cultural Foundation).

As managing director, she oversaw the 2014 and 2017 Theater der Welt festivals, as well as the 2020/21 dance/music/architecture project ARCHIPEL as production manager. In addition, she gives advanced training in the areas of structure, organization and finances and works as a consultant for festivals, institutions and independent artists.

There will be a 30 minute break.
There will be no breakout rooms.
The level of interaction will be up to the participants.
Participants may optionally turn the camera on or off during the workshop.

The format addresses all producers, whether freelance or employed, who work with international teams or tour internationally, or who have or will have to deal with VAT in an international context. No previous knowledge is assumed or necessary. Meanwhile, prior knowledge or practical experience is helpful and very welcome for the practical exchange.

This workshop has a limited contingent of participants. If you register and later realize you can't attend after all, please unregister via email so someone else can take your spot. If the event is already fully booked on our website, you can contact martin, who will keep a waiting list.