info zoom residency #1

info zoom residency #1

Wed 21.09.22 | 2pm - 2:45pm

language: German or English

Registration completed

We invite you to an info Zoom on the 21st of September 2-2:45pm for our residency#1, which will take place from October 15th-22nd 2022 at schloss bröllin.

With a location away from our own everyday dynamics, we offer a focussed space with the residency#1 to freely organise time and to research one's own practice in an open-ended way. Residents bring their individual interest in questions with them and can exchange, meet and discuss with other colleagues on site. The format addresses all those whose work is located at the interfaces between art practice and structures, between organisation and administration in the broadest sense.

We offer a residency for performing arts producers: as a time and space for reflection and exchange as well as self-determined deepening of knowledge.
Over a period of 7 days, the residency aims to create a place to escape linear production processes for a moment and to devote oneself to questions concerning one's own activity and practice.

The participants can organise the space in terms of time and content at their own discretion and need, researching both in cooperation with the other participants or on their own.

The residency allows for a deepening into topic-specific practices and also offers the opportunity for the development of new ideas both for one's own and for joint working practices. The residency is aimed at artistic producers, production managers, production dramaturges, performing arts managers, distributors, production offices, etc. Interested parties can apply as individuals or as a group or collective.

As an open format, the residency for performing arts producers is intended to enable participants to identify their own needs and design the space accordingly during the residency. In the interface function, artistic producers and production managers usually work with a high degree of agility, a lot of responsibility and at a relentless pace. Time for reflection and the development of perspectives and practices is often hampered by precarious working conditions. The conceptualisation of the residencies for performing arts producers responds to these framework conditions and problems by offering an accompanying space for personal and joint development, for reflection, self-determined deepening of knowledge and reflections on perspectives in this field of activity.

The residency will be accompanied by facilitators from produktionsbande in order to create a framework for all residents, to enable encounters among each other and to be a contact person. In order to bring the participants into contact with each other before the residency and to collect questions and wishes, there will be a digital meeting beforehand in which all participants and the facilitator can meet. There will also be a check-in and feedback meeting shortly after the end of the residency. During the residency, working space, accommodation and meals will be provided. Travel costs can be covered by arrangement. Details will follow in further communication.

For the application we ask for a letter of motivation [max. 1 DIN4 page] and a CV.

What questions and topics do you bring with you? 
What would you like to use the residency for?
What are your wishes for a residency?

Please send your application by e-mail to sofie[at] by 30.09.2022 23:59. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact sofie.

schloss bröllin, an old estate in the south of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, surrounded by fields and meadows, offers a retreat for concentrated work or contemplation as well as for meeting and exchanging with other participants. With studios, production and seminar rooms and a large outdoor area, different research and work situations are possible. With the residency for performing arts producers, schloss bröllin's residency programme is being extended to artistic producers for the first time.