hosted visit #1

hosted visit #1

Wed 30.11.22, 00:00 -
Sat 03.12.22, 00:00

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Registration completed

hosted visit #1 - DÜSSELDORF

hosts: Susanne Berthold, Alexandra
Schmidt, Katrin Wiesemann

With hosted visits we offer a format that focuses on peer-to-peer learning: A host introduces his or her own region to interested visitors. The structure and scope of the hosted visit can be planned and freely designed in a joint exchange between the participants.

We see the hosts as experts in their region who want to provide insights into the specifics of the funding and art landscape in their city, region, or state, on the one hand, and into their own work practice on the ground, on the other. The hosts offer their expertise to the visitors.

All detailed information about the format as well as the scope of the application can be found in the PDF announcement (in German).