hosted visit: münster

hosted visit: münster

Thu 04.05.23, 00:00 -
Sat 06.05.23, 00:00

application deadline: 09.04.2023, 23:00 uhr
language: german spoken language (english on request)

Registration completed

With hosted visits, we offer a format that focuses on peer-to-peer learning. Hosts - as experts of their region - introduce their own region to interested visitors. On the one hand, they provide insights into the specifics of the funding and art landscape in their city or region, and on the other hand, into their own work practice on site.

hosted visit in münster

For this hosted visit to Münster, we are looking for up to 4 visitors.

The final program of the hosted visit is still in development, the following activities are already planned: Tour of the Theater im Pumpenhaus, visit of the rehearsal centre hoppengarten and the open-air theater titanick, performance of bodytalk and regulars' table with other production managers from Münster.

the hosts

Veronika Kalievskaya was born in Central Asia and has lived in Germany for five years. She has a Bachelor's degree in Economics and International Tourism. After completing further education in "Cultural and Media Management" at KMM Hamburg, she was employed at the Theater im Pumpenhaus. After a new start in Germany, she has been working as a freelance production manager again since 2021. Since the beginning of the year, she has been responsible for the project management of the open-air theatre Titanick in Münster. In the hosted visit #2 Hamburg 2022 she was there from visitors' side.

Niklas Becker studied cultural and social anthropology and philosophy and has been working as a production manager and project manager in the independent arts and culture scene since 2018. Among other things, he organised the international festival for theatre, dance, film and performance Flurstücke 019 and worked for Filmwerkstatt Münster in various projects, e.g. the Digital Art and Culture Lab with Klaas Werner. From 2019 onwards, he realised various productions and guest performances for the international open-air theatre Titanick as tour and project manager and has been working for the Kulturbüro within the Münsterland Festival for Music and Art since the beginning of the year.

dates & deadlines

For those who are interested in the format and can imagine participating, we offer info-zooms on two possible dates: info-zoom #1: 22.03.2023, 13:00 or info-zoom #2: 05.04,2023, 13:00. Here we introduce the format hosted visit, go through the application process and share the status of the program. We will also answer any questions and welcome feedback. To participate in the optional info-zooms, you can register online at the linked dates.

You can apply for the hosted visit in Münster until 09.04.2023, 23:00. We will inform you about the selection of the visitors in calendar week 15.

After we have announced the selection of visitors that we will invite to Münster, an Intro Zoom will take place for the hosts & visitors to get to know each other and to discuss the hosted visit in advance. We are currently planning the Intro Zoom for calendar week 15 or 16. The exact date will then be coordinated between produktionsbande, the hosts & visitors.

about the format

The format addresses all those whose work is located at the interfaces between art practice and structures, between organization and administration in the broadest sense. It is aimed at artistic producers, production managers, production dramaturges, performing arts managers, distributors, production offices, etc.

Anyone who works in cultural production and is interested in a supra-regional exchange with colleagues can become a visitor. During the selection process, we pay attention to whether applicants exclusively produce their own projects - but primarily work as artists, curators, etc. - or whether they design production processes as production managers with and for third parties.

The selection is made by a rotating selection committee of produktionsbande.

For the hosted visit, the following costs will be covered by produktionsbande:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses in accordance with the Federal Travel Expenses Act (BRKG)

  • Additional expenses for meals according to BRKG

  • Expense allowance of net 200,00 €/day (for pre- and post meetings - via Zoom - a total daily rate will be charged)

  • further costs incurred (entrance tickets, etc.) after consultation with the hosts.

Hosted visits are an evolving format, with a profile and schedule which we are currently working out and practicing.

In the process, we are trying to be aware of and respond to barriers in order to reduce them as much as possible. If you have any questions in advance about the accessibility of the application process and during the residency, please feel free to contact Sofie via email at


If you have any questions about our hosted visits format or about applying to be a visitor, feel free to contact us at any time by emailing or visiting our info-zoom.